Custom Tees

Anime Montage Designs for Oversized Tees, used and printed for personal use.


As a fan of both working out and anime, I often found it challenging to discover anime-themed tees online that truly resonated with me. Dissatisfied with the options available, I took matters into my own hands. I began creating my own designs by curating images directly from my favorite manga series and crafting unique montages from them. Each tee I create is a personalized expression of my love for both anime and fitness, reflecting the characters and moments that inspire me. Through this process, I’ve discovered that the best way to find apparel that truly speaks to me is to create it myself.

Zenitsu Tee

I aimed to capture the essence of the character’s timid and fearful demeanor on the front, juxtaposed with his hidden potential and fierce abilities in the background. I opted for a sharp and electric style to reflect his mastery of lightning techniques.

kokushibo Tee

Due to the length of the name ‘Kokoshibo’, I abbreviated it to ‘Upper’ to convey his role as one of the most formidable adversaries in the manga. Each letter incorporates iconic moments from his character arc, serving as a visual homage to his impactful presence in the story. Additionally, the red symbol in the background represents his top-ranking status as number 1 in strength.

Akaza Tee

Akaza is a beloved character known for his relentless pursuit of stronger opponents. In this design, I aimed to depict him in his iconic fighting stance, with his distinctive ability pattern adorning the background. His tragic origin story, which shaped him into one of the most ruthless opponents, is intricately woven into the letters of his name, adding depth to his portrayal.

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