Animal Heist

Coop split screen

Animal Heist is a cooperative game where players will have to sneak around and solve puzzles to access their loot.


Animal Heist is an exhilarating two-player cooperative game set in a world where intelligent animals roam cities, forming bandit groups to pilfer valuable junk food. Players must sneak, solve puzzles, and outsmart security systems to secure their loot, all while evading exterminators and resisting the temptation of bonuses. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that combines stealth, strategy, and teamwork in this high-stakes animal heist.

Key Contributions and Responsibilities

During this school project, our team was assigned the challenge of developing a small game prototype within a 10-week timeframe. My key role within the team involved creating an optimized character controller specifically tailored for split-screen gameplay. In addition, I took the lead in integrating interactive systems aimed at enhancing player engagement, such as collectibles, keys, vents, and a throwing mechanic. Below, I’ve included some code snippets for reference.

The implementation of AI guards and skill check mechanics was handled by my colleagues. Through a synergistic combination of these mechanics, we successfully crafted an engaging and cooperative gameplay experience.

Team Collaboration and Growth

While I had prior experience as an integrator with the Unity engine, collaborating with designers and artists during this project marked a pivotal chapter in my professional journey. This experience bestowed invaluable insights into the transformative potential of teamwork, showcasing the immense possibilities that arise when individuals with diverse skill sets unite to create a game. It deepened my understanding of the significance of team spirit and collective effort, igniting a passion for collaborative game development. This reinforced the notion that true innovation flourishes through shared expertise.

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Main involvement

  • CCC
  • Split-screen
  • Coop
  • Interactive systems

Made by

  • Émile Paré-Allinger (integrator)
  • Caroline Forget (integrator)
  • Rémi Côté (integrator)
  • Anthony Legros (designer)
  • Frédérick Bélanger (designer)
  • Nicolas Fournier (designer)

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