Remapping system

Enhanced Input System

In this project, I developed a full-fledged remapping menu that has multiple features to easily incorporate into future projects.


During my time at 3Mind Games, I was tasked with creating an Asset Pack of my choice using Unreal Engine. I decided to develop a comprehensive Remapping Menu that the company could sell at a low price, designed to be simplistic and easy to implement in any project. Additionally, I aimed to create a complete tutorial about it due to the lack of existing tutorials, to help amateur developers.

Overall, the Input Rebind System empowers developers to incorporate highly customizable and immersive controls tailored to the unique preferences of their players.

Thought process

Firstly, I am using version 5.4 of Unreal Engine and the system is made entirely in Blueprint. In this version, the input system underwent a complete overhaul that entirely changed the implementation of input in Unreal. I quickly had to learn to navigate on my own because the overhaul was so recent that very little information was available. I mostly relied on trial and error in the software, experimenting with the new input system, and tried my best to understand the Unreal documentation about it.


The system offers flexible control customization, enabling players to map actions to their preferred keys.

With support for up to two mapping slots per action, complete clearing and resetting options, and categorized inputs for easy navigation, it ensures smooth and intuitive customization. Mappings are automatically saved within the game’s save file for consistency, while unmappable keys are handled automatically.

  • Mappable inputs are displayed in distinct categories in the menu.
  • Up to 2 mapping slots for one action.
  • Clear a single action row. (set no input for the action)
  • Reset a single action row to default.
  • Reset all inputs to default.
  • Cancel a key selection. (Intrinsic to the Key selector widget)
  • Unmappable keys cannot be remapped and will cancel the key selection.
  • Mappable keys that are already mapped will be replaced with the newly selected key.
  • Save the mappings in a game slot within its own game save file.

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  • UI
  • Key Remapping
  • Tutorial

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