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Operation ESM3 is an interactive game that challenges players to collect boxes while navigating through hazards like bombs.


Operation ESM3 is an interactive game developed by a team of five students specializing in Multimedia Integration Techniques at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit. The project was undertaken as part of the Interactive Production course and for the “Chaos Media” event. This cooperative game challenges players to collect the maximum number of boxes while navigating through potential hazards like bombs.

Roles Within the Project

My responsibility involved programming the guns, which were equipped with sensors using JavaScript, to shoot objects displayed on the screen. Simultaneously, another team member managed the integration of the decor, someone else focused on visual creation, and another team member took on the task of promoting the project through social networks and creating a poster.

Unfortunately, I no longer have any samples of the code, but please feel free to ask any questions related to the programming aspect.

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Main involvement

  • Game Design
  • Sensors
  • API

Made by

  • Émile Paré-Allinger (integrator)
  • Sébastien St-Cyr (designer)
  • Mélody Bédard (integrator)
  • Mélina Pelletier (artist)
  • Marie-Pier Proulx (designer)

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