Phantasme stands as a pivotal moment in my journey, solidifying my passion and propelling my growth as a skilled game developer.

“Ce projet n’aurait pas été possible sans l’aide de mes deux incroyables collègues Chama et Kelly”


Phantasme is an interactive and immersive experience that invites you to embark on a captivating journey through a mysterious and unsettling universe. Set in a virtual environment like no other, it offers a unique opportunity for discovery and exploration.


  • Movement: Utilize the “W”, “A”, “S”, “D” keys to control the movement.
  • Interact: Trigger interactions with objects or in-game actions by pressing the “E” key.
  • Flashlight: Toggle the flashlight on and off using the “F” key.

Context and role

Originally conceived as a virtual reality school project, Phantasme was an interactive installation connected to an external sound system developed using Cycling ’74’s Max. Within the project, my primary responsibility was to seamlessly integrate the virtual world and craft an experience that would immerse and terrify users.

Adaptation and growth

Upon delivering the project, fueled by my passion for video game development, I made the decision to adapt Phantasme to a first-person playable format on a computer. This adjustment allowed me to refine the experience further and explore the full potential of interactive storytelling.

Phantasme stands as a pivotal moment in my journey, solidifying my passion for video game development and propelling my growth as a skilled game designer and integrator.

Character Controller: Walking and Sounds

Here, we can see the core components of my character controller. While the basic movement mechanics are evident, my primary focus has been on the sound system. To enhance immersion, I implemented changes in the footstep sounds based on the surface the player walks on—transitioning, for example, from dirt to rock or wood. Additionally, in the game’s persistent rain, I aimed to create an effect where the sound diminishes when the player is in the basement or on the first floor. To achieve this, I modified the sound lowpass to produce the desired effect, taking into account the player’s position on the Y-axis.

Character Controller: Interaction and Flashlight

The flashlight features a toggle function for turning it on and off, dependent on the active status of the light source. Interactions are managed through a raycast triggered when the ‘Interact’ button is pressed. If the raycast hits a door, it invokes the open/close door function.

Event System

The event system was pretty straightforward. I had conditions to initiate an event. If the conditions were met, as shown in the example below, it executes its designated actions. At the conclusion of these actions, it concludes the event using boolean values and sets the next event as available.

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