Bolt’N’Punch is a first-person beat ’em up action game set in doom-like arenas. The game released on March 1st 2024.

Nine O’Clock

Get ready to grind your way to success in an unforgettable adventure, where skill and innovation awaits.

Animal Heist

Animal Heist is a cooperative game where players will have to sneak around and solve puzzles to access their loot.

Loot box prototype

Research and creation addressing microtransaction systems, particularly their implementation in the form of loot boxes.


AntiHax is a strategic defense game where the objective is to survive for as long as possible.


My team and I had to create an interactive installation within a shipping container utilizing Wii remotes


Example of 3D knowledge that I acquired during my time at Édouard Montpetit college and at UQAT.

Opération ESM3

Operation ESM3 is an interactive game that challenges players to collect boxes while navigating through hazards like bombs.