FPS Prototype

My goal is to recreate what makes a great shooter and make it feel as good as popular titles.

Remapping system

In this project, I developed a full-fledged remapping menu that has multiple features to easily incorporate into future projects.


Bolt’N’Punch is a first-person beat ’em up action game set in doom-like arenas. The game released on March 1st 2024.

Custom Tees

Creating anime montage designs for oversized tees from favorite manga series for personal use.

Nine O’Clock

Get ready to grind your way to success in an unforgettable adventure, where skill and innovation awaits.

Animal Heist

Animal Heist is a cooperative game where players will have to sneak around and solve puzzles to access their loot.

Loot box prototype

Research and creation addressing microtransaction systems, particularly their implementation in the form of loot boxes.

Pong AI

Created as a personal side project, Pong IA is my first attempt at developing artificial intelligence.


Phantasme stands as a pivotal moment in my journey, solidifying my passion and propelling my growth as a game developer.

Epic Gym

Website created for the Epic Gym training center in Chambly.